Beyond The Practice Room:

Making Music in the Modern Age

Beyond the Practice Room was published in response to a lack of open dialogue about the skills young musicians need to pursue a modern career of music making. Check it out here.

Developing a music career as a young artist is not cut and dry. You’re told that if you spend enough time working on your craft in the dusty, grimy boxes that pass for practice rooms, your career will magically materialize. Received wisdom states that you’ll win the position you want, get the gig you want, and gain the respect you want if you spend more time locked away than the next person. Guess what? The real world doesn’t work like that. Practice is just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond that, success will come by developing the personal, business, and performance skills that professional musicians use every day. These skills are the ones that separate you from every other good musician out there. These are the skills that Beyond the Practice Room teaches in an easily digestible format for young musicians.

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© 2015 by Matthew Waters